Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day Activities

What are you doing for Earth Day at your house? I am doing some home preschool with my 3 year olds, so we are doing this Earth Day craft:

I found the activity HERE.

I love projects where you don't need to buy anything! All you need are some markers, paper, paint, and a coffee filter. I use a reusable coffee filter, so I'm going to substitute a paper towel... we'll see what happens!

HERE is a preschool Earth Day worksheet I made for my home preschoolers. It is very adaptable to what you want to do with it, depending on how crafty you are feeling! (Otherwise known as how much mess you want to clean up :) ) You can color it with blue and green crayons or markers, or glue blue and green tissue paper on it. You can color a coffee filter blue and green, spray it with water so it 'tie-dyes' and glue that to the circle. You can glue dirt and sticks and leaves that you find on an Earth Day walk on it. Put stickers of animals or trees or other nature stuff. Have the kids draw trees and grass and flowers. Make a collage of magazine pictures of nature things...

the possibilities are endless! Comment on how you used my Earth Day worksheet to share your brilliant ideas!

Here are some other cute Earth Day ideas I pondered...
Find this one HERE.
 Find this one HERE. I think we might do this one as well, because they are having trouble remembering their letter E! We might just make ours skinnier so it is lighter ;)
Find this one HERE.

Happy Earth Day Crafting!!

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