Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little Bird and Branch Dresser

I have an obsession with painting furniture. It's a serious problem. I haven't parked on my side of the garage for over a year because it's always filled with some old piece of furniture... or four. My hands always look like a homeless persons because they are covered with flecks of paint and stain. It's starting to 'get out' to my friends and family that I have a problem. Instead of having some sort of intervention with me, they actually feed my habit. They give or share old furniture with me. This dresser was one of those shares.

It was tucked away in my friends' son's closet. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to this cute little number as soon as I saw it. 

Is that not the cutest, little sweet dresser? The woman who bought it from me is using it as a side table. I love that idea.

It is SO fun to take an old, used, worn out piece of furniture and give it new life. I used my homemade chalkpaint recipe that I made out of some grey oops paint, leftover white oops paint, and Minwax wax. (I learned a new trick, mix a tiny bit of minwax stain into the natural colored minwax furntiture wax and suddenly you have a $10 verson of dark wax, instead of a $30 version from the 'other' compainies.)

I picked up those little birdie knobs at Hobby Lobby, going once on the way to Kindergarten drop off, and once on the way home so I could use the 40% off coupon each time, ha ha. The blue knobs actually were on the original piece, I never had to change them!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pallet Family Rules Sign

I've been wanting one of these reclaimed pallet wood Family Rules signs for awhile. Being the DIY sign maker that I am, I of course wanted to build and paint it myself. Buuuuuut being the pretty much jobless stay at home mom that I am it's hard to find the time to make something just for myself.... but I did! Well, technically it's still for sale, but it's not selling so I get to keep it for now! It fits perfectly at the top of the stairs right now above our thrift store cedar buffet and our Santa picture gallery!

The reason I wanted one of these family rules signs is because the signs, comic clipping, prayers, and little sayings that are imprinted in my brain for good are the ones that hung in my house as I was growing up. I had a hallmark plaque hanging in my room as a little girl that read 'God helps those that help themselves.' I will never forget that saying until my dying day. I can still see the little birdie planting her seeds :) I keep looking for it on Etsy and Ebay but I don't think I will find one- sigh. But it was like this cute one (below) only yellow border, and different saying and birdie.

2014 Friendship Day Gifts - Vintage Hallmark Wood Plaque 1983 Love Birdie

So the sayings and signs hanging in my home I know will imprint on my daughter's hearts forever. So I better make them good ones! My priorities become my children's priorities.

Even if you don't believe Christ is the Son of God I'll bet you still can't find a better role model.

I love our Santa Picture gallery, too. Thrift store frames for $1 (I always pic ones with mats in them already to save more money!) then add some black paint, red paint, a touch of sandpaper, and I have a matching, mismatched Santa picture gallery. I just pack the frames away with Christmas each year, and pull them out ready to go! 

Next year they might need a bigger spot, though! It's getting a bit crowded on that buffet :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What is an Oma Sock?

Well... it's a long hard to explain definition...

The reason my blog is named Oma Socks is because I dedicated it to my Oma, my German Grandmother who is now living the good life in heaven.

She was an amazing knitter and the reason I took an afterschool knitting class with Mrs. Green in third grade. Then I visited my Oma that summer and she showed me just how wrong Mrs. Green was, and how to knit properly.

Every year my family, who lived half a country away from my Oma and Opa, would receive a box of handknitted goods from Oma. Our favorites being our 'Oma Sweaters' and 'Oma Socks.' Oma lived by the same motto I live by, 'perfection is boring.'

So the socks were silly colors sometimes and the sweaters maybe had different arm lengths, but many times the knitted pieces were beautiful and amazing. I have three afghans that Oma made me that I cherish. I could fill this blog with pictures of her knitting, but I don't' have pictures, so maybe I"ll spend one day taking beautiful pictures of her beautiful knitting. For now I do have pictures of the second pair of socks I've knitted... 

My very own Oma socks. It's really special to me to carry on a tradition with my Oma's knitting needles and patterns. 

This blog was named OmaSocks long before my Oma passed because I wanted to make a knitting blog. Now my passions have turned to handmade signs, painting furniture, and just the general DIY life of a frugal stay at home mom. I am keeping the name Oma Socks because my Oma is an amazing inspiration to me.

She's on the left. She was a beautiful woman who managed to escape Nazi Germany, not unharmed, and make a life in America, have 5 children, lots of Grandchildren, and leave a legacy of smiles, love, and laughter. She is amazing and I can't wait to hug her again in Heaven. 

With my littlest.

So in conclusion, an Oma Sock is a handcrafted present made with love and the ability to not take life too seriously. Through the good, bad, and truly awful to still have the ability to love and give.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DIY Halloween... DIY Fairy and DIY Elsa

My mom always made my costumes when I was little... now my bar is set high. I don't do it every year for sure, but some years I go buck-wild. This was one of those years :)

Oldie wanted to be a tooth fairy. So this DIY, handmade toothfairy dress fit the bill for both of us! Total cost was around $15ish. Much better than the Pottery Barn Kids fairy costume I was inspired by! 

I think ours is loverly and cute and sparkly and wonderful! I even honed my face painting skills to paint a fairy face. You can't see from the picture just how much glitter was involved in this. There's glitter all over her face and face paint and then I also bought spray glitter for her hair, dress, and whatever else I felt like spraying! 

I happened to find fairy wings at the Dollar Tree a month before Halloween, so that really defrayed the cost for us! I followed THIS blog to make the dress. Except I skipped the alligator clips and glued the flowers directly to the ribbons. 

And Little was going to be Thumbelina for a month before Halloween, then threw me a curve ball right at the bitter end there and let me know her life would truly be over if she didn't join the Elsa crew at school... sigh. 

So it was the 11th hour and I still needed to make games for the preschool party, so it wasn't as amazing as I wished, but I think it still turned out so darn cute! Again, about $13. 

I really just took elastic, put it around her chest, sewed pretty blue fabric to it. Then stitched sheer, sparkly fabric to the top and made it a bit longer to make a cape. Sewed a ribbon on to tie around her neck, and tucked the extra sparkly fabric around her shoulders. 

She loved the way the dress train flowed behind her like real Elsa, and the way it wasn't scratchy :) 

The hair I just braided white yarnand hot glued it in a circle to rest on her head. Next time I will do it thicker like my inspiration hair... 
Elsa Inspired Frozen Princess Play Wig - Silver Snowflakes

Click on the picture for a link to the Etsy shop that makes these beautiful braided wigs :) Of course my 11th hour Elsa concoction didn't have time for ordering  and shipping so I bought a $3 ball of white yarn at Hobby Lobby and went for it. 

She loved loved loved it and didn't want to wear the crown because "Elsa doesn't wear a crown when she's the ice queen." 

Anyway, it was a super fun Halloween this year. The kids had soooo much fun wandering the streets under the stars trick or treating. Success!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Master Bathroom Reveal!

And here she is... our master bathroom 'AFTER' pics. Sorry so late, summer was busy and very enjoyable!! Now I've also picked up my Etsy stuff more seriously and spend half of every day sitting in my car to and from my girls two different schools. The only thing constant about life is change, right? :)

Anyway, here are some before's and durings to let you see where we started from... Sorry about the bad quality. I'm a novice blogger, and an even more novice photographer. 

Hideous, peeling, moldy laminate. Eggplant purple walls. Small, yucky gray tile. Used-to-be see through shower that was now milky white... the list goes on.

Isn't he cute? :)

And now for the afters!! 

Chalkpainted cabinets with trim and hardware added. New tile floor, (though it looks like wood, it's tile.) 

Counter top made out of pretty gray tile. 

My cute vintage cheese box that holds our counter top 'stuff.' Can you believe someone let this go for $5 at a garge sale! Love it! And the iron soap holder was a quarter. seriously love garage sales.

A Salvation Army find. Also love that place SO much.

The walls are now the palest green to pull out the green in our mosaic tile. A simple home made, hand sewn white linen cafe curtain with a simple, silver, spring curtain rod. I actually was able to make this out of fabric scraps so it cost me nothing but digging around my basement :) 

Our barnwood mirrors made out of old barnwood that used to be our tv cabinet but my husband took apart when we switched to the flat screen feels like just yesterday but I'm sure it was a million years ago. Because I'm old now. 

Photo bomb! stinker :)

retry after I kicked her tushie out... nicely :)

The piece de resistance... the frameless shower. Love it. 

With cute little mosaic nooks. Totally worth the effort. But if you do this, PLEASE don't use as much thin set as we did behind these suckers!!!! I spent many a naptime sanding out between those tiny little squares with the smallest tile sander you've ever seen. I would've rather just had them fall off the wall and re-put them up then do what we had to do. Trust me. 

All in all it turned out beautiful!! And I've been focusing my attention on our kitchen now... and I promise it won't take me as long to show more! :) 

Thanks for looking at our DIY bathroom remodel with tile and chalkpaint!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our New Barnwood DIY Mirrors

I can't believe I am saying this, but our Master Bathroom redo is done. It was close to 6 months in total of renovation, seeing as we had to take out a part of the floor and wall thanks to a leak, and we've (by we I of course mean my husband) has never done that before! Then we (remember what I mean when I say 'we'?) built our own shower pan, which was nerve-racking. So we went slow and careful :)

But either way, the only last last thing we need is artwork for over our bathtub. Then I will be posting the final before and after pics!

For now I'll post one of my favorite parts of the redo: the barn wood mirrors my husband made.

We searched and searched for mirrors we would like, but we've had this shelf of old barnwood sitting in our garage, and a GIANT mirror that we took down... so we decided to do our own.

We had this mirror that literally went from wall to wall in our bathroom. It was incredibly massive and hideous. So we took it to Ace Hardware and had two smaller mirrors cut out of it. ($10 each to cut.) Then used some of our barnwood from our old TV cabinet that my husband split apart and created a frame that we liquid nailed to the front of the mirror. Then used mirror hangers to hang the mirror back on the wall!

You can see the big empty space begging for artwork above the bathtub in  the mirror. I'm working on my husband for an old window frame there... we'll see! 

So, our total cost for our two new barn wood bathroom mirrors was... 

$15! ($10 Per mirror cut, then about $5 for new hanging hardware... I think.)

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